Founded in 2006, our team of professionals work hard to understand every client's individual needs. We then customize the strategy and pitch through role-play and review of every call's outcome. Our goal is to focus, hone and revisit our daily activity to bring you more qualified face-to-face appointments. Large Fortune 1000 corporations, as well our small business clients, benefit equally from our expertise - everyday!

You know your business and the services you offer. Working with LeadGen allows you to focus on what YOU do best by doing what WE do best! We make the dreaded cold calls and provide you with qualified face-to-face appointments. You attend the appointments and deliver your value proposition. Our collective efforts are guaranteed to help fill your sales pipeline.

Here are our no-risk facts:

- We book face-to-face appointments with at least one out of five decision makers - whenever we speak to them!

- We GUARANTEE that you will be happy with our team and our results or we'll refund your initial deposit - simple as that.

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