Stacy Bonner, Client Event Manager

Stacy Bonner is EAS LeadGen’s Account Team Manager for Client Events. Stacy and her group work with our clients who host large external/internal events, seminars and workshops. Stacy’s team ensures that our client has a full room mixed with the right ratio of both clients and prospects.

Stacy’s group also works with all of our account teams here at LeadGen for post-event appointment setting and event satisfaction surveys. Driving event marketing ROI becomes a fairly easy thing to do with Stacy and her team at LeadGen. In so many cases, Stacy and her team have already begun to build a strong sales support relationship during the pre-event attendee phase. Once that has been accomplished, setting high-quality appointments after a great workshop or successful session is usually a snap. Most of the prospects mention they feel like they already know Stacy and her group by the time the post-event follow up occurs.

Prior to working with LeadGen, Stacy scheduled medical procedures at a large medical center with a large cardiology practice. She gained great experience in working on tight turnarounds and still maintained a great rapport with patients who were facing difficult procedures during a stressful time in their lives.

Sweet Spot

Stacy’s sweet spot is her truly professional tenacity. Ensuring a full-house for an event is not as easy as it sounds. The key is having a natural knack for knowing the precise amount of professional persistence to apply in order to get prospects out of their offices and into attendance at our clients’ shows.