What is required to start an executive appointment setting campaign with EAS LeadGen?

You will sign a LeadGen master agreement and statement of work. Included with the agreement, you will send an advance against the time that you scheduled for appointment setting.

After the agreement is signed, what is the next step before the appointment setting begins?

LeadGen clients will fill out an initial client assessment, send any electronic or paper-based collateral, and marketing materials.

Where does the target list come from?

You can send us your own list or we can develop one for you. We can generate a new prospect list from our database of over 17 million contacts and 4 million companies.

Who establishes the goals and objectives about the appointment setting program?

Before the appointment setting begins, there will be an initial pre-launch conference call to set up to establish goals, objectives and to iron out final details with your LeadGen sales team members.

When does the appointment setting program begin?

As soon as the steps listed above are complete, we will begin setting appointments.

How long do I have to wait to hear how the program is progressing?

After the appointment setting begins, there will be a 10-day review conference call. This call will include your LeadGen sales team. The review will include numerical results-to-date and to fine tune the pitch.

What happens after an appointment is set? How am I notified of an appointment?

Once your appointment is set, your LeadGen team member will debrief you about the upcoming appointment. You can be debriefed either by phone or email – we will accommodate your preference.

How do I give feedback about my appointments?

We want to hear from you about your appointments. We want to know how we can help you, what are the next steps we should take, what could have been better, was the appointment what you expected. You will debrief your LeadGen sales team member after your appointment takes place.

What type of reporting do you provide?

We provide our clients with a standard monthly reporting pack, which includes robust reports on the status and disposition on every prospect on the target list.

Monthly reporting is good, but I need reporting more frequently. Will you be able to provide me with updates more often?

We are flexible, and can make adjustments to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my appointment setting?

Outsourcing reduces your costs and increases your revenue. By outsourcing your cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting, you will realize a significant savings in hiring, managing and providing infrastructure support, which will increase your revenue. By outsourcing, we act as your inside sales team, which allows you to focus on what you do best.

Will this involve me to purchasing new software or will your appointment setting integrate into my current database software?

You do not need to purchase new software. We are flexible in the way we send reports and let you know of an upcoming appointment. We have a technology expert on our staff that will ensure any database questions that you may have.

Our clients are confidential, How safe is our list in LeadGen's hands?

You own your list. Once we are through with a program, we send it back to you updated and cleaned up. We do not keep a copy of your list. It does not matter if it is a current client list or a prospect list – these lists are yours.

Have you helped a company like mine before?

Each client we work with is unique and has its own needs. We have a listing of companies that we have worked with and helped, as well as stories about scenarios with different clients that we have worked with listed on this website. Our clients come from a wide market of products and services.