Christine Meek is the Research Director here at EAS LeadGen. She and her team provide LeadGen with a critical component to what our company offers its clients –valuable examinations about prospective leads. Christine and her research team study every company where an appointment has been generated by one of the account teams. They generate electronic corporate briefing books that contain demographic, financial, personnel profiles and current news and deliver them to our client’s desktop before any appointment occurs. This allows our client’s sales team to “get smart” on the company they will be visiting – without having to do any of the data compilation leg work.

Appointment-specific research is a FREE service that we provide to ALL of our clients. Christine and her team also focus on list development and surveys for our clients who need that type of support.

Prior to LeadGen, Christine was Senior Program Officer for the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, where she managed the operations of the Program area, including grantmaking, scholarships and donor support. She was an Associate Director at KPMG LLP where she managed the tax marketing research group and was a national database administrator and trainer.

Sweet Spot

Christine’s sweet spot is her “NASA smart” research skill set. There is no topic where Christine cannot evolve a thought-provoking point of view. She is so often found hunkered down with her dual screen monitors scouring sources to find a key insight or position we can use to support our client’s call guides, or our client’s position on a specific service. When Christine does it, you know it is done well and done right. Our clients are amazed at the intel she brings to the table for every appointment.