Jeanne Phillips, Not-For-Profit Account Manager

Jeanne Philips leads the Not-for-Profit segment here at EAS LeadGen. Our NFP clients are almost always membership-driven. It is the NFP membership that typically provides the funding necessary to drive their organizations forward. Thus, it is no surprise that customer service, minimization of cost and most importantly the speedy relay of important membership feedback to the NFP’s leadership team are matters that always take center stage.

Jeanne and her team also focus heavily on membership renewals, new service announcements, membership feedback at her NFP clients and virtually everything here at LeadGen that is process-driven. Jeanne can almost always be found working with her team and her clients scoping out new potential services or streamlining an existing process to save LeadGen or one of our client’s time and/or money.

Jeanne has extensive experience in resolving customer issues and training staff as a Customer Service Manager and most recently as Director of Direct Disability Income Claims with Swiss Re. In her latest role, she managed claims for 30 insurance companies that were acquired by Swiss Re. She managed ten Claim Consultants and over 3,000 matters at any one time. Her critical role demanded phenomenal client service skills, a deep knowledge of the ever-changing federal/state policy provisions, claims management expertise and a revenue-generation plus cost-control mind set. She brings that skill set to her clients here at LeadGen everyday – and we love that!

Sweet Spot

Jeanne’s sweet spot is a “sixth sense” to both stated and implied issues with ALL of the clients here at LeadGen - and even some of our own personnel. Jeanne has an incredible (almost eidetic) eye for the details. She is always the final reviewer for anything that LeadGen formally puts out to the marketplace or to our clients.