How Are You Going to Grab Your Prospect's Attention?

Reviewing the headlines this week there was Charlie Sheen and his hotel rampage, Ozzy Osbourne who is set to write a health column for Rolling Stone, and then there is – big surprise – Mariah Carey who is pregnant. Chances are – your company is not going to have breaking news that will shove these to the back burner. In the world that we live in, it is harder to create awareness about our businesses.

We may have pipe dreams of Howard Stern raving about our company on the air or Oprah telling her viewers that she uses our services. But, the reality is – this is just a pipe dream. The best company in the world will find it hard to compete with such attention grabbing headlines.

What is a company to do? Do not sit idly waiting for a prospect to discover you! Post a blog, join Facebook or LinkedIn – great. But, nothing is better than pounding on the doors. That is how you get attention.  How do you bang on the doors if you are located in Iowa and you need to bang on the doors in New York, California, Texas and Washington? Outsource a company that can do it for you.

We, here at EAS LeadGen, have been banging on door for our clients for years – and quite successfully. With great skill and professionalism, the LeadGen team has not only been “knocking on doors” but we skillfully have been setting appointments for our clients with prospects. The value that we provide by not only generating leads, but since we are speaking to your targets everyday – we are finding out what they think and know about your company. We are also able to confirm correct and viable decision makers so other direct marketing efforts, like direct mail, can further your prospecting and dollars and are not wasted.

So – how are you going to grab your business prospects’ attention?