Roll your mouse over the various stages of the LeadGen sales cycle to see how we are with you every step of the way.
Sign EAS LeadGen Master Agreement & Statement of Work — send advance against hours.
Fill out the Initial Client Assessment — the starting point for LeadGen's call guide — and send LeadGen any electronic or paper-based collateral/marketing materials.
Send LeadGen your initial prospect target list or work with us to develop one.
Initial pre-launch conference call is set up to establish goals, objectives and iron out final details.
The appointment setting begins. The LeadGen team starts making calls.
Ten-day conference call review with all parties to review numerical results-to-date and to fine tune the pitch and our responses to frequent objections.
An appointment is set. A lead sheet and research packet is sent. Your LeadGen team member debriefs the sales professional about the upcoming appointment.
How did we do? Was the lead well-qualified? What could we have done better? What are the next steps? How can we help? Your LeadGen team member and sales professional will debrief after the appointment takes place.
Monthly Report Pack — Robust reporting on the status and disposition of every prospect on the target list.
You closed the sale!
Our ultimate goal is to set qualified Face-to-Face Executive Appointments with key decision makers for our clients. To provide the best possible benefits to our clients, we also offer the services listed below.

Executive Appointment Setting

Appointments set with the key decision-makers

Cover areas not handled by a sales representative

LeadGen frees your time so you can focus on selling

Direct mail follow-up calls will increase your campaign's effectiveness by 30% to 60%

Deliver leads and face-to-face appointments that will fill your pipeline


Drive attendees to an event

Set meetings both pre- and post-event

Seminar and webinar registrations, which includes inbound/outbound registration calls, confirmations and attendance rosters

Trade show follow-up to keep leads hot while simultaneously qualifying them



Correct contact names

Update address, phone & fax numbers and email addresses

Filter out no-needs and closed businesses

Find new contact names in different departments

Maintain your current contact list and purge dead records


Conduct customer satisfaction, membership information and strategic marketing surveys

Surveys are conducted both electronically and by phone

Surveys are developed uniquely by industry

Surveys are customized to your needs

Personalized reports are created to your specification


Generate new prospect lists from our database of over 10.5 million contacts from nearly 2 million companies

Make use of your company's existing prospect lists

Create prospect lists for new markets and new territories



Provides Invaluable information about the potential market acceptance of your product, service or company

Provides information that you would normally obtain in a focus group


Customized Reporting

Customized reports that detail each company on the target list

Documentation of every single call made

Reports tailored to meet your needs

Market Research

Company-specific research is provided for all appointments set up by LeadGen

Competitors, news, market trends... pertinent information is provided for all appointments LeadGen sets