At EAS LeadGen, we have a proud tradition of providing world-class service to a growing list of industry-leading companies, and we tailor our services to best fit the needs of our customers' respective industries.

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Our Accounting and Finance Clients are really the true heart of LeadGen and how we were born. Virtually all of our consultants working here at LeadGen come directly out of the Big Four. Some say, when you work with the Big Four, you really know what you are getting. We understand the complex nature of working with our most senior partners, and really understand how they target their C-Suite Executives. We understand the complex nature of relationship development and we do it really well.


Our largest number and widest variety of clients here at LeadGen reside in the Technology industry. Four examples that come to mind are first, our experience with value-added resellers; second, our experience with the complex sale—for example, enterprise resource- planning solutions. Third, so many of our clients are spending money on events, they want to ensure that prior to the event, that they are well-attended. We call through their target lists to invite clients to attend. Lastly, after the event, the clients are always looking for a return on investment so we call through the same list and try to set up face-to-face appointments with people that have attended or those that may have missed the event.


We have a couple of clients in the Manufacturing space. Interestingly, both of them were interested in exploring new markets. Our objective was really to set up face-to-face appointments with manufacturing decision makers, before our client was going to invest in sales infrastructure. At the end of the day, we got great information for our client about the different verticals and a potential target list with people we spoke to, who would be interested in, perhaps, purchasing more down the line.


One of our Not-for-Profit Clients really has us focusing on membership services. This includes the renewal of service upon expiration, upgrades of service, ensuring awareness of the latest events. Most importantly, we are calling every day to ensure their clients’ needs are being met, by giving them an open channel to provide feedback that gets right back to the heart of the leadership team at the not-for-profit.


For some of our Banking and Finance Clients, we were working on some ad-hoc projects that really were eye-openers. One of our clients was actually in the wrong market and didn’t know it. When we were calling through some of their targets, we were not getting very good response at all with respect to appointments. We changed the target market based on some recommendations that we got and research that we did on our own. Once we were able to do that, we got back on track and started setting up appointments.

In another example, one of our clients was working with contract expirations. They couldn’t really sell anything until a contract expired. So our project work really centered around two steps. The first was the derivation of the actual expiration dates of the contract and then doubling back to set up face-to-face appointments between their reps and the client, once the expiration date became near.


With one of our Investigation’s clients, they are outsourcing much of their overall marketing and sales support to us. Of course, we are setting up face-to-face appointments every day, but we also take steps after the appointments occur, to follow them up and get their sales ready.


With one of our Medical clients, we operated as a high-volume processing shop, taking leads that came through over the Internet and turning them into face-to-face appointments and demonstrations literally real time.