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2015 Sales Forecast

Friday, January 9th, 2015

2015 is off – it started – whether we were ready or not. Budgets are in place, goals set and you are trying to close sales that you started working on in 2014. As you are finessing those hot leads who is working on finding you new prospects for 2015? What are you relying on – social media, cold calling, emails, direct mail, ads, trade shows, word-of-mouth? Are you living in the “Field of Dreams” mentality that if you have what they need – they will come? How will they know where to find you?

EAS LeadGen is works with companies who share the same challenges that you are facing. We are helping them with a holistic approach to sales marketing. Look at what you are doing to gain new sales and find the cracks. We have the expertise to fill, repair and prevent those cracks from happening.