MAKING the “A” LIST – The “A” List is for Sales Leaders

People always want to know how to get on the “A” list so that they will be invited to a particular party or event. “A” list people are the most valuable people; they are the biggest donors, create the best event dynamics, people who you want to do business with or become part of their social circle. Some may be people that you hold dear to you. Creating this list you need to look at the pool of people you know and the people you want to know, then entice them with something that they can’t refuse. This works both in the social and business landscape. Creating an “A” list in business helps define where your business is going and how to market to the list. First you will need to pull that list together.

Who is going to make the cut for your list?

A List

Pulling this list together is as simple as defining which people/companies you want to see your company engaged in business.

  • Leaders in the industry
  • Up and Comers
  • Companies that you have worked with in the past
  • Companies that you are currently working with
  • Competitors Clients
  • Influencers (could be a golf pro that knows prospective prospects)

Forming the list will take time. You may have names that come to you right away. You will be able to pull from your CRM. Then you will need to research and think a little outside the box. Outsourcing is an option and may be able to help you identify leaders, up and comers, influencers and competitors clients. This option will let you stay focused on selling and growing your business.

Once you have your “A” list, segment it to make sure you are directing a message that will appeal to each group. The golf pro may not be interested about new accounting software – but may be interested in attending an event that you are hosting to gain new clients. Your competitors’ clients may be hesitant about switching firms but if you offer something that they are currently not receiving or if they become unhappy – they will not need to look far – because you have been there the whole time.

If you don’t have an “A” List – it is time to create one. Industry leaders have one (may be called something different) but this is how they are able to sell and market to the different segments.

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