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Why We Love Business Events and You Should Too

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

ski jump

There are business events you attend to network and there are business events you create to gain new business. EAS LeadGen loves to create business events that will give you the best return on your investment and help you meet new prospects all at one time.

There are several ways LeadGen creates an event. We look for opportunities that will bring the pool of prospects to you. We look at conferences and trade shows that pertain to your industry that prospects will be attending. We find the open spot and create an event that the prospects will not want to miss. We call this an “event within an event” meshing the events together. We find this is the best way for you to maximize your attendance to the event and gain the most exposure with prospects.

Anyone can meet for cocktails at a bar or host a dinner, but we look beyond the norm. Having dinner at an aquarium or dining in the start house for the Nordic jump – give us the location and we will find that special place that will hook people on to attending your event.

Before the event takes place we will invite the prospects to the event. Creating lists, emailing, calling and making sure you have maximum attendance to your event. We do not like to see empty seats. We plan and coordinate down to the smallest detail to make sure your plan goes off without a hitch. As an added benefit, we even do contingency planning, meaning if something goes wrong, we have a back plan in place.

After an event we make follow up phone calls or emails on your behalf and gather feedback from the prospects. The greatest part, after an event, is that our clients become the rock stars at the main event. They may not be on stage performing – but people will go out of their way to talk to them at the conference. Their booths have people gathered waiting to talk to them while the nearby booths are empty. This gives our clients more time to establish a rapport with prospects.

Give us the challenge and we will make it happen.

7 Valuable Misconceptions about Outsourcing Appointment Setting

Friday, April 17th, 2015
  1. annoying callsWhen you outsource appointment setting will get a robocaller making your calls. I don’t know what is worse a robocaller or waiting for the live person to come on the line. If you are selling robocalling systems – then you may want to use a firm that uses them – if not – why annoy them?  Ask what type of calling system the firm uses. It’s a bad idea to annoy the prospect.
  2. Appointment setters are not from the United States. That may be true – and this is something you should ask before you hire a firm. Ask to speak to the team members that are calling on your behalf. They should sound like they are calling from your company. If you’re selling Italian wine – you may want your callers to be from Italy. In general – companies in the US want someone that they can understand. It is a reflection of your business.
  3. Appointment setters make bogus appointments because they get paid on how many appointments they set. This can be true. Once again – ask the firm how the callers are compensated. Ask for references. The goal of a good appointment setting firm should be to give you the highest quality appointment. Why? Because they want you to continue doing business with them.
  4. I’m afraid I’m not going to get what I have paid for. A quality appointment setting company should offer you a pilot program. This is a way you can see what they can provide you without getting in too deep.
  5. Appointment setters are a bunch of people sitting in a room with headsets on. Ugh – don’t you hate when you receive a call and you hear the other conversations in the background. It makes you feel like just a number and they don’t care. A good appointment setting firm should have conversationalists that can make appointments with key decision makers. They should reflect your company. With that being said – when deciding on a firm, look at who your prospects are and what type of firm has a better shot at making an appointment with them.
  6. Outsourcing an appointment setting firm is a waste of time because I have a sales team. There was this lyric from an 80’s band that went like this: “What do the mailmen do? The mailmen do deliver.” Same thing goes for sales – sales people sell. Appointment setters make the appointments – getting the grunt work out of the way for the sales team.
  7. Appointment setters annoy prospects. That would not be a good thing. Appointment setters should be brand ambassadors for your company – they are an extension of your sales team. If you hire a firm that is pushy or stalking prospects – then it is time to find another firm.


Advertising that Costs $150,000 Per Second

Monday, January 19th, 2015

super bowl

Before the Super Bowl last year, NBC already started selling ads for Super Bowl XLIX.  NBC is charging about 4.5 million for  a 30 second spot. That is about $150,000 per second! And that is for just one spot!

At LeadGen we don’t charge nearly as much an eighth of a second of an ad running during the Super Bowl. And we target prospects – we’re not selling a meat lovers pizza to vegetarians. We hone lists and finesse messages to develop a rapport with prospects. One-on-one conversations with key decision makers who have the power to buy what you are selling.  We work seamlessly with your marketing efforts – and support those efforts. Are you emailing prospects, attending trade shows, planning an event, sending a direct mail piece? Meshing a calling program with any of these efforts will create the largest impact and put your company right in front of the prospects.

Thinking of your upcoming marketing efforts – does an ad during the Super Bowl or a direct calling campaign fit?


Email Marketing Follow-Up

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

email marketingHow do you plan on following up to the hundreds or thousands of emails that your are sending out to market your company? Are you sending another email? And then what? Who is contacting the people that opened the emails?

Contacting everyone that opens an email that you have sent can be quite an undertaking, and usually companies do not have enough people or time to take on such a task. If the open emails are not contacted – this is a missed opportunity. At EAS LeadGen, we help our clients by conducting follow-up calls. Connecting with the prospects and reinforcing the email’s message, we are able to create a rapport with them and with the ultimate goal of setting appointments for our clients. Email marketing follow-up is crucial to receive the most from your campaign.

Missing an opened email is a missed opportunity.

The Allocation of B2B Marketing Budgets

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

It is very interesting that firms are allocating large amounts of their marketing budgets to trade shows. What are they doing about prospect follow up? A recent article that I read stated that most leads/contacts from trade shows are not followed up on. It makes me think that companies should invest more of their budget in telemarketing to make sure there is proper lead follow up.

Most Challenging Marketing-Sales Funnel Process

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

This chart, provided by, shows the results of over 1,700 B2B marketers who were asked what is most challenging in the marketing-sales funnel process. Chart of the Week

As you can see, Lead Generation comes in a close second.  Using a lead generation expert, such as EAS LeadGen, will remove your lead generation challenges in this process and will provide you with prequalified, face-to-face appointments.

What do you find most challenging in your sales funnel process?


Need a 4th Quarter Sales Infusion?

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

The third quarter of 2011 is upon us. Are your sales on target? The better question is, are you surpassing your sales goals?

It’s time to look at getting a fourth quarter sales infusion. Contacting EAS LeadGen, a professional lead generation firm, can help you increase your sales pipeline by providing you with qualified leads.

It’s time to amp up your game. Trade shows may be coming, email blasts are being sent out; what are you doing to follow up? To optimize the leads, hire a pro at optimizing. It is a very simple process:

  1. Contact EAS LeadGen
  2. Agree to a trial
  3. Provide us with a list or we will create one for you
  4. Attend your appointments
(There is also some paperwork that needs to be completed.)

Sales Presentations – What do people remember?

Monday, August 15th, 2011

This has been posted several places on the web – and I found it interesting when thinking about the sales process.

Do remember, during a sales presentation, people typically comprehend:

11% of what they hear

32% of what they see

73% of what they hear & see

90% of what they hear, see & discuss

For other great information about sales meetings/presentations, check out EAS LeadGen’s next newsletter. Sign-up here.

Are Your Sales Goals on Target?

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Mid February marks the midway point of the first quarter. Where do you stand with sales? Are you on target for this years’ numbers? Hopefully you are on or exceeding your targeted goals for the quarter. If you are just missing or looking for something that will help push you past your target, consider outsourcing some of your lead generation.

Outsourcing your lead generation process will remove the cumbersomeness of prospecting while funneling more leads into your sales pipeline. The best part about these leads is that they are warm leads. They do not need as much cultivation as a cold prospect would.

Using an executive appointment setting firm, like EAS LeadGen, we are able to hone in on prospects that are ripe for your company. We just don’t send you a list of companies that show some interest in you from a mass email that was sent out. LeadGen knows that to satisfy their customers, we must present you with prospects that have the need and want what you have to offer.

Think again, are your sales goals on target? If not it might be the time to consider using an appointment setting firm.

Telemarketing vs. Appointment Setting

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

Is telemarketing a thing of the past or has it been repackaged as “Appointment Setting”? Is there a difference between telemarketing and appointment setting? Reviewing what was expected of telemarketers and what is expected of appointment setters, there is a large difference in the process and outcome.

Telemarketing is still being used currently as a form of sales. Think automatic dialers – you answer your phone – you say “hello” a few times – and finally someone on the other end starts talking. I personally usually hang up. I know they are trying to sell me something. Think of the forceful scripted conversations – where the caller does not take “no” for an answer. There is not an art of conversation. The conversation is very black and white. This is what I’m offering and I want you to buy it. The best is when someone calls you – and you can’t even understand them. Even if it is a product/service that you are interested in, can you imagine dealing with the company with any problems or questions?
If you were not able to get the words “not interested” in fast enough, they scheduled an appointment with you. Only to have frustrated sales people call upon you to find out that you had no interest in the product or service. Chances are – the telemarketing firm was paid by appointment – so they scheduled appointments for people who had little or no interest.

This is a true story; I received a call – several years ago from a caller who was asking for my husband. I let the caller know that he was not available – and I could tell by the mispronunciation of his first name that this was a telemarketer – and I asked very nicely to be removed from the list. The caller then proceeded to yell at me and told me that this was my spouse’s girlfriend calling. If only the company that this person was calling for could hear how she was representing their company. I’m sure they would be horrified.

Appointment Setting was developed from everything that telemarketing was doing wrong. Appointment setting firms wanted to differentiate itself from telemarketing firms by offering high quality employees that can carry on conversations with gatekeepers and top level executives to build trust and create a positive brand image of the company they are representing. They are often highly trained about the products and services that they are representing.

The appointments that they schedule represent them. Their appointments are high caliber. They prime the prospects for the sales team. They supply collateral material upon requests from the prospects. They are not just a nameless caller making appointments on your behalf – they develop a rapport with the prospects and sales team and work as an extension of the sales team.

Do you agree that telemarketing has not been repackaged as “Appointment Setting”?